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Shri Urvashibaa

Born on 30th October 1950, Param Pujya Urvashibaa married Shri Jagdishchandra (Dadaji) on the 10th March 1969 and have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. From an early age, growing up in a spiritual household,  Uravashibaa received insight and knowledge of Sri Vidya from her parents and Guru Parampara culminating in her being given Purnadiksha and is currently Peethdheesh of the Kadi Shri Vidya Peetham,

Shri Urvashibaa tirelessly leads the Peetham in Gujarat and the Shri Vidya Guru lineage by teaching and guiding sadhakas in to this discipline and selflessly emanating Her divine Love. Shri Vidya Pujans and Archans are carried out daily, ans she travels at lengths around Gujarat to teach and propagate true Shri Vidya.

Having a warming smile, a radiant personality, always welcoming and full of Motherly Love, she has many disciples and has given Purnadiksha​ to many. She is a true living Devi and a leading female Shri Vidya Guru in the world.

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