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Shri Rajrajeshwari Peetham Kadi


The Peetham runs a school called Shri Menaba Sanskar Baal Kendra Mandir where subsidised education is offered to under priviliged children. Birthday celebrations of Baa and Bhapuji are celebrated on a grand scale. On these auspicious days, one lakh Deep Archan with the recitation of Lalita Sarasanama is dedicated to the Shri Devi. Annakut Vaibhav is offered to Mataji twice a year, regular satsangs recitation of Devi Bhgwatam on four Navratras. A bi-monthly magazine is published by the Peetham called Shri Devi Ba Perith Shri Upasana.

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Shri Upasana

Each monthly five Pujans are carried out on the respective Shri Vidya Parvas. Guru Purnima Mahautsav is celebrated over one week including Shri Vidya Maha Yagaas and four Laxarcanas of Bilva Pathra, Roses, Juhi and Lotuses. Pathotsav with Vedic Parayan and Shri Chakra Archana. The Peetham also has a library, dharamshala and a community hall. Previous achievements include: Shri Vidya Maha Yaag, Shatchandi Yaga, Trishti Yaga, Sahasra Lalita Suvasini Yaga, Amba Yaga, Devi Bhagwad Parayana, Shodashi Koti Archana and  Gajamakha, but also the great Ashtaashtaka Mahayaga which was graced by great Purnabhasheka couples from the great Guru Paramparas not only from India but around the world.

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UK Activities

There are a number of different activities the Shri Vidya do in the United Kingdom. There are regularly run Satsangs and Shri Chakra Puja on auspicious days. Guru Purnima is another activity which is celebrated on a large scale in the United Kingdom. There are also multiple training and spiritual development opportunities available, this includes Mantra Updesha. We also offer a number of different trips and raise funds for a variety of charities from within the UK. For more information about our UK contacts, please view our Contact page.

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