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Shri Deviba

From a very early age, Shrideviba showed signs of a deep yearning for spirituality and She would eventually become a modern day Saint of the highest degree. Fondly known as Ba, She would spend most of her time in puja, path, organising satsangs and serving sadhu Sants from a very early age. She was married to Shri Shiv Guruji on 11/05/43 and they spent the rest of their lives in Kadi, North Gujarat. Ba was forever immersed in the divine light of Shri Vidya. Later she was given Mantra Updesh and Purnabhishek by Shri Dev Shankar Trivedi.

Shri Deviba Biography: About

Ba's Guru bhakti was unparalleled. Even though Ba was educated to a minimal level, her divine guru bhakti excelled her in upsana.. Day by day she became more engrossed in nitya pujan (daily pujan) along with balancing her married life, duties to her extended family and her children. Ba lived in a very orthodox household and would finish her nitya archan early morning and before any one woke up and after her nitya kram completed her household duties. Having a perfect balance of family/society and spiritual life, Ba set an excellent example of how upasna should be carried out for house holders and how to integrate it for every day, without neglecting our samsaric duties.

In the mid 70’s Ba took an oath to perform 1 koti japas of the Shri Vidya mantra, whilst standing in the river Narmada waist deep in the water. She lived in a hut on the banks of the river at Malsar for 3 and a half years amongst the aghor sects and successfully completed her tapasya. After this intense tapasya, Ba did not want to come back and spend the remainder of her days in deep sadhna. However Papram Pujya Shri Dev Shankar Trivedi (Ba's Guru) instructed Ba not ignore society and spread the divine Shri Vidya to the worthy, to guide people in this sacred path and continue the Shri Vidya Pasupat Parampara lineage.

Respecting her Gurujl's wish Ba settled in Kadi and set up the Shri Raj Rajeshwari Pitham in the late 70’s and started guiding sadhakas on this royal path of Shri Vidya. With the support of Shri Shivguruji they both became the a ideal yugal dampati.- epitome of the Divine Couple - Kameshwar and Kameshwari. Guruji initiated many sisyas in India and around the world. Probably the first pioneers to spread true Shri Vidya abroad.

Shri Deviba Biography: About
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