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Sri Sitaram Bhatt Guruji

Shri Sitaram Bhatt of Pune was passed the Guru Gadi from his Guru Shri Acchytanandaji and was a great personality of his time. He was close to the great Sri Akalkot Swami Samaarth too.

When Shridi Sai Baba was returning after a long absence, he was troubled by his awakened Kundalini and was told to seek help from Shri Sitaram Bhatt and learn the techniques of Kundalini Yog to control his risen Kundalini energy. Shri Sitaram Bhatt was very famous and renowned in Maharashtra for his Siddhis. He was the Nyaadish of Mansa Darbar and was an Advisor to many courts of Gujarat, including Sayavji Gaekwad. Gurudev was a great scholar and his Shisyas were many and far. He advised Bal Ganagadar Tilak to initiate the Ganesh utsav which is now celebrated worldwide. This was necessary at the time due to the British Raj and by instigating this Festival, united all and helped in pushing forward the Free India campaign.

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