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Shri Shiv Guruji

Born in a very influential family in Kadi, Shivguruji's father was a leading Freedom Fighter. Shiv Guruji was introduced into Shri Vidya by Shrideviba. He received diksha from Shri Devshankar Trivedi Guruji and immersed himself totally into Shri Vidya.

Guruji was an ideal gentleman and had a very warm and fatherly presence. He was always kind, supportive and spent much time in teaching Shri Vidya. Shri Shivguruji would spend 6 months in Kadi and 6 months abroad teaching Shri Vidya to many disciples around the world. He propagated the Shri Vidya Mandal UK which is based in the UK, who carry out Shri Vidya related functions and pujas.

Both Ba and Shivguruji initiated many disciples across the globe - in the UK / US. Austrailia, Africa and India. They both propagated the Divine knowledge of Shri Vidya on a large scale and carried out many divine functions and pujas across the world. Guruji conducted the first Gajamakha  outside India on 01/01/2000 - coinciding with the Millennium in UK. Both ShivGuru Ji and Ba took Shri Vidya to such great heights and founded and created one of the most vibrant, active and authentic Peethams alive in the modern age.

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