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Shri Ganapatram Dave Guruji

Shri Ganapatram Dave was a great scholar, he was one of the greatest vedantist of the time and was given the title Ved Martand, Tantra Shiromani by Dwarka Shankracharya. Apart for running a gurukul for Vedas, he was also a great advisor to the Kings of Gujrat and advised to install the murti of the famous Bhuvaneshwari Amba in Gondal to aid to the struggle for independence.

Shri Ganapatram Dave Biography: About

He was known throught India as one of the greatest tantriks of the century and even today places like Kamakhya to Rameshwaram still carry his memories. He had many sisyas including Shri Vasudev bhai who was his son, Shri Nandkishore Vyas, Shri Pratap Rai, Shri Harshad Bhatt, Shri Girjashankar Rawal and Smt Tarlaben Rawal, and his main sisya to whom he passed the gadi to, Shri Devshankar Trivedi of Sanand, the rajaguru of Raja Jaywant sinh of Sanand darbar. Guruji was the one of the greatest kaul upasaka of the time and gave Dixa to and guided many in Shri and Kali kul. A prime example was Raja Jayawant Sinh, who was frequently visited in the palace by Adhya and Batuknath and created many ragas and compositions. His sisya is the great Pandit Jasraj of the famous mewathi gharana for his contribution to the world of classical music.

Gurudev wrote the Shri Vidya Mani ratna saparya padhati in the 1800s, which is still used today. Furthermore, the Ambaji Shri yantra was reinstalled by him and as a result has many sisiyas in Siddhpur and Kamakhya.During his life he had met up with pujya gurudev Shri Devi ba and was taken aback by her devotion and devitva.He wished to give her diksha but unfortunately they never met after this. Gurudev lived for over 100years after which he achieved Manidweep.

Shri Ganapatram Dave Biography: About
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