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Shri Devshankar Trivedi Guruji

Shri Devshankar Trivedi of Sanand was the main sisiya of Ganpatram Dave. He was born 03/08/1920 and given purnadiksha at the age of 35 on Shravan adhik vad chauth. Shri Devshankar Trivedi was the raj guru of the kingom of Sanand and carried out many yagas around Gujrat and installed the Shri Yantra at Amarkantak.

He was a great Bala upasak and having the Great Bala Shakti Pitha of Bahucharaji local, he was regarded a great scholar in tantra Shastra in Gujrat and was bestowed the title from Shankracharya of Dwarka pith of Mantra Pravin for his great knowledge and understandinig of mantra Shastra. He had many sisyas including Shri Devi Ba and Shivguruji of Kadi, Shri Chandraskhar ji Trivedi, Shri Kaustubh Dave USA. He was a great Jyotish and rarely used his vidya as his predictions were of 100 percent accuracy.

He predicted his death to the minute on Kartik shudh bija he attained manidweep at 7:04 am.

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