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Sri Vidya is an ancient Tantric Sakta system of spiritual development, whose ultimate aim is the Self realisation of the individual Soul with the Mother Goddess Shri Lalita Tripurasundari. 

An accurate interpretation of this is 'Auspicious Wisdom'. The doctrine and philosophy of Sri Vidya celebrates both Shiva and Sakti as inseparable and thus it is a total and holistic spiritual system.

Traditionally Sri Vidya was a 'Gupt Vidya' where the wisdom and philosophy was orally passed from Guru to Disciple and has only recently been codified. However a fully realised Guru is essential to following Sri Vidya - we trace our Guruparampara - unbroken for thousands of years. Our Guru Mandalam contains some of the most illustrated figures in the spiritual heritage of India.

Currently Shri Urvashibaa and Shri Nitamaa are the leading lights in India and the UK respectively. Shri RajRajeshwari Pitham located in Kadi, North Gujarat, India is one of the most active and vibrant Pithams in the world - offering authentic Shri Vidya teachings and mantra diksha for sincere spiritual seekers.

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