Shri Devshankar Trivedi Biography

Param Pujya Shri Devshankar Trivedi of Sanand was the main disciple of Shri Ganpatram Dave.  He was born 03/08/1920 and given Purnadisha at the age of 35 on Shravan Adhik Vad Chauth.

Shri Devshankar Trivedi was the Raj Guru (Spiritual advisor to the King of Sanand) and performed many Yagnas around Gujarat and also installed the Shri Yantra at Amarkantak.

He was one of the greatest Bala Tripurasundari upasaks (Child form of the Goddess) and living close the Great Bala Shakti Pitha of Bahucharaji, Guruji was regarded a great scholar in tantra Shastra in Gujrat. He was bestowed  the title of Mantra Pravin from the  Shankracharyas, for his adept knowledge and complete understanding of Mantra Shastra.

Shri Devshankar Trivedi had many hundreds of disciples including Shri Devi Ba and Shiv Guruji of Kadi, Shri Chandrasekharji and Smt Madhuriben Trivedi of Sanand, Shri Kaustubh Dave from the USA.  He was a master Jyotish practitioner and rarely used it as his predictions were always 100 percent accurate!

He predicted his Mahasmadhi, to the minute on Kartik Shudh Bija he attained Manidweepam at 7:04 am.