Shri Rajrajeswari Pitham, is the royal abode on earth of Devi Lalita Tripurasundari, situated in Gujarat in a village called Kadi. This is the 53rd Shakti pitha as per Dwarka, Badrinath Shankracharya. This is a vibrant spiritual centre dedicated to the divine Mother Sri Shodashi parAmba.

Parampujya Shri Devi Ba and Shri Shivguruji established this pitham and now have passed succession to Parampujya Shri Urvashiben (Shri Twarita Amba) who is the current pithadhipati. Shri Mata, Rajrajeshwari resides here in her full glory and is probably the only temple in Gujarat dedicated to her. No one goes away empty handed from her divine blessings. This pitham has propagated and spread correct Shri vidya throughout Gujarat, India and the world . There are many neo-upasakas and self proclaimed gurus who practice and propagate so called ‘Shri Vidya’, However, it is essential to follow a parampara with a valid lineage. This pitham is one of such great and authentic paramparas which gives legitimate updesha in the path of this royal knowledge.

Shrividya is a discipline and a way of life that leads an upasaka to the ultimate reality and moksha while enjoying bhoga. The catalyst that allows one to reach this ultimate stage is the Guru. Guru should be of pedigree and from a valid parampara, spanning back to at least 4 generations. The triad of Devi Tripurasundari transgresses beyond the three states and ultimately leads to Kevalya mukti (the ultimate liberation). The upasna of Shri is very secret (gupta vidya) and should be learnt only by a experienced and proficient Guru who has themselves transgressed this samsara and lives Shri Vidya in every breath. The medium used in sadhna is a mystical instrument called the Shri Yantra and the methodology is by mantra. Gujarat hosts many of the 10 Maha-vidyas like Shri Sodashi Ambaji, Bala, Kamala, Baglamukhi and Adhya Kali. Here the sacred Lalita Sahasranam was passed from Shri Bhagwan Hayagriva to Sage Agastya at the Surya kunda of Modhera, which also holds one of the most ancient temple of Matangi.

The guru is no different than Devi Lalita herself, as scriptures say that the guru is the touchstone, Parasmani. They can transform shishyas to the highest of states and create shishya to take the ultimate wisdom to the next generation and so on. Such is our Guru Shri Urvashi ben.

The path is long winded and tough, and through anushtaan, mantra purushcharan and pujas, one gets conditioned over time and ultimately the end result is to merge with Devi.

The path is royal and while treading it makes us realise the beauty Devi has created for us in every micro and macro level.

It is Shri vidya that allows one to fully comprehend the pre and current existence and beyond. If Shiva is the potential energy or the transcendent self and Devi the kinetic form or immanent. It is their union which causes the divine spanda or vibration which ultimately manifolds and gives creation to the 36 tattvas and expansion of the universe.

It is this vidya which was once lost through time, was rekindled by the 28th and last avtara of Shiva; Sri Lakulisha. It was his progression that led to the birth of Pashupati parampara which is one of the 8 original paramparas of Shri Vidya, predating Kashmir Shaivism. Having ancient roots, the Rajrajeshwari pitham has kept alive this tradition.

With daily Shri Yantra puja, Dasa-mavidya aradhna, mahyagas and a sacred place where anyone can do mantra sadhna and reap the fruits, we invite you to our Kadi family; Shri Rajrajeshwari Pitham, Pashupaat Reeti – Shri Vidya.

Jai Ambe Jai Guru!